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Web Form Creation and Hosting Services
Make Web Forms work for you!
Every website communicates with visitors - in most cases through forms. Whiz-Mail takes you one step beyond by providing tools for creating sophisticated forms and appropriate form data handling (Security, Database and Export/Import facilities, for example). Thousands of users already exploit the extensive automation features for incredible efficiency gains on followup tasks. No programming needed - ever! Some of Whiz-Mail's features include ...


  • Secure Order Form
  • Membership Management Form
  • Shared Access Web Form
  • Spam Protected Form
Create new forms (More Info)
Create Contact Forms, Order Forms, Surveys, Registration Forms, Membership Reservation Forms or virtually any form for any application.
Upload any existing form (More Info)
Integrate your existing forms using the 1-Step Wizard. Nothing to configure. Benefit from security features such as SSL.
Simple to use!
Step by step documentation as well as rich multimedia Flash Animations for your guidance. Test our lightning-fast support team in case of further queries or problems!
Making Forms work for you
  • Upload, export, analyze and visualize your form data.
  • Autoresponders and Trigger E-Mails create a fully-automated communication systems - 24/7!
  • Forms integrate seamlessly into your website's Look and Feel.
  • Allow colleagues to access your form database with access-rights restrictions (read, modify, delete).
  • Your visitors can update their records. Seamlessly integrated into your site's design!
  • And so much more!